Introducing: Leanna Oki – Warning Signs

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Leanna Oki, who hails from Toronto, Canada, incorporates elements of soulful pop, R&B, and electronic music into her distinctive sound. She recently debuted, Warning Signs. There’s a lot of energy emanating from the production, which focuses on heavy synths and richly textured beats. People can easily sing along with the chorus. The verses have a nice build-up, gaining momentum as they progress.

Warning Signs reflects Leanna’s feelings of regret and disdain after an ex abruptly left her. A powerful track like this one will make you want to move and let out all your anger at the same time. That alone should make you check it out.

The creative direction that Leanna is taking here is really innovative. Redefining her style seems to be something she excels at. Warning Signs exemplifies a high level of skill and expertise, which can be valued by all.