Introducing: Emmrose – Thorns

Last week, singer-songwriter Emmrose released Thorns, the title track from her upcoming EP. With a production style reminiscent of her previous singles Ballad for the Boy Next Door and The Imposter, this heartfelt pop-acoustic composition will sound familiar to those who know her. There’s much emotion in the writing, making it very moving.

When Thorns begins, it’s driven by quiet piano work. Over time, more different sounds get added to create a richer tone. Vocals have a strong presence and are layered in the best way possible.

Emmrose explains the meaning behind the track as follows: “I wrote this song to finally move on from so many people. It was really necessary for me to write. Holding grudges holds me back from making closer connections to people, and I finally feel like I’ve begun healing. I’m not afraid anymore to meet new people and to make friends. I don’t feel like my past is holding me down anymore.”

Thorns only builds more hype around Emmrose’s next project. This proves she stays ahead of the game at all times. Check out the audio below!