Introducing: Anabl – Lotus

Anabl, who’s 19 years old and hails from Orange County, California, released her debut single, Lotus, on October 27. Floating, dreamy vocals are layered over strong rock arrangements, providing a nice contrast. This song really benefits from the guitar work, which makes it slightly more melodic. There’s some real insight in the lyrics.

My music is an ode to the expectations and experiences of my teenage years. It’s a catalog of my emotions, desires, and notable high school moments. As every age is, fifteen to eighteen was a foreign encounter. I wanted to make music in the form of a soundtrack of my life because listening to music became the most consistent thing throughout the years where everything seemed to be changing. – Anabl on her upcoming EP

Listening to Lotus will make you enthused about what Anabl has planned for the future. She’s among the most promising artists today. To me, her music represents the essence of innovation.

Check out Lotus below!