Introducing: Joëtta – Narrative

Joëtta is an emerging Dutch singer and songwriter. Narrative, her debut EP, includes four songs inspired by indie/folk music. The title track, which serves as the lead single of the project, has an atmospheric, acoustic sound. A subtle guitar tone that floats over the ethereal layers mesmerizes listeners with its sound. Joëtta’s vocals are the perfect complement to the production.

She says the following: ”When I started working on this project, I threw myself in at the deep end. I have continuously reminded myself that this first EP is like a research project, staying interested in exploring different options in terms of lyrics, sound and production and being curious about the findings. And also for me personally, to experience: What is it like to release music?”

”My EP is a collection of my first songs, with the title track Narrative being the last track I wrote. It’s the only song on the EP for which I have recorded the acoustic guitar myself. The song has stayed very close to the original version and feels very true to me as an artist.”

Joëtta gives us music that comes from the heart. In her songs, she gives us a glimpse of her thoughts. Narrative is a piece that explores inner criticism. I think most people can identify with it in some way. The music industry is very fortunate to have artists like Joëtta who have the ability to make such an impact. Check out the audio below!