Introducing: Mr Little Jeans – Jump To Fall

Photo Credit: Nina Jordan

Monica Birkenes, aka Mr Little Jeans, is back today with her highly anticipated new single, Jump To Fall, her first release in three years. The melodies and electronic textures found on this production are fascinating. Together, they weave an intricate soundscape. Graceful vocals shimmer over the music to guide you through each section.

Jump To Fall describes Monica’s battle with her inner demons. She explains: ”I wrote Jump To Fall just before getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid which affects so much more than just your thyroid). My mind was a mess. I was in rumination mode 24/7 and felt overwhelmed, tired, frazzled, and anxious most days. Shortly after being diagnosed, I remember reading about how the disease can express itself. I was sobbing at the table, realizing everything I had considered as my shortcomings were mostly symptoms and potentially something I could get help for (it turns out I still have shortcomings, unfortunately). It had crept up on me so gradually and been my normal for so long at that point I  didn’t  know any different. Suddenly falling asleep (literally) in the studio day after day while writing Pocketknife made a whole lot of sense to me.”

The lyrics that Monica infuses into her music are meaningful. Jump To Fall has the power to speak directly to your soul. Check out the audio below!