Introducing: Candace in Wonderland – Connect the Dots…

There are artists who don’t stick to a particular approach and keep reinventing themselves. Nashville-based singer-songwriter Candace in Wonderland could easily be considered one of them. Her latest single, Connect the Dots…, has a dreamy atmosphere while also having a high-energy instrumental. The perfect groove is set by strong rhythms and infectious melodies. Vocals are of an unparalleled caliber.

Candace explains the track’s content as follows: ”Connect the Dots… talks about that frustrating feeling when your crush doesn’t get the hint that you’re crushing. It’s a playful and flirty song to vibe out to, dance to and show to your crush when you want them to connect the dots.”

Candace successfully adds a new angle to the pop genre. I’d call her sound revolutionary. Check out Connect the Dots… below!