Introducing: Sophie Killburn – Love is A Battlefield

Retro music is your thing? Perhaps you’re familiar with Pat Benatar’s timeless track Love is A Battlefield. Singer-songwriter Sophie Killburn recorded a new version of it, and yes, it’s fantastic. There are echoes of indie-pop and alt-rock in the instrumentals. Rich, clear vocals accompany them.

Sophie explains: “From releasing my EP My Room Made Public, I wanted to go back to the height of the pop-rock era, when angst wasn’t seen as a juvenile rebellion but as a means of liberation and pure expression. My EP was unpicking how much of ourselves we should share with the world and the internal battle that goes with it. Love Is A Battlefield is a song that takes that internal battle and broadcasts it to the world, so it seemed like the natural thing to cover. It is cross generational and cool as fuck because it doesn’t try to be anything else but what it is. I’ve really tried to bring my own take to the song but still wanted to pay respect to the original. For me, the song is less about a romantic relationship but more evocative of fighting violence against women, stemming from the movement inspired by Sarah Everard.”

Sophie never ceases to amaze us with the musical direction she takes. Anthemic productions like this are empowering, and they should get a lot of attention. Check out the audio below!