Introducing: KIN – The Runaways

The Runaways is the most ambitious single from ambient indie pop band KIN so far. Several noteworthy aspects help explain why. There’s nothing more captivating than dreamy guitar riffs, beautiful melodies, and mesmerizing beats.

With their strength, the vocals soar over the production, accentuating the lyrics well. Based on a real-life story, The Runaways follows two people as they adjust to a new environment and relationship together. It captures the thrill and trepidation of leaving a comfortable life and venturing into the unknown.

For this song, the band has created a self-directed video, filmed in London and Brighton, which is inspired by 1980s Hollywood, including Steven Speilberg’s ET.

KIN have returned in such a spectacular way. The Runaways offers something familiar, yet also something totally new to fans. Check it out below!