Introducing: Lily Donat – Supernova

Singer-songwriter Lily Donat shares her new single, Supernova. As far as the intro goes, it’s very interesting. Whenever the beat kicks in, the sound comes really to life and fuels the production. Vocals play a major role in emphasizing the message that’s being conveyed.

Regarding the song, Lily says: ”A supernova is a dying star, and sometimes when two people come together it causes an explosion. I wrote this about the type of enmeshed, bitter union that convinces you love is supposed to be painful. And even though eventually nothing is left but ash, you return to the charred remains, believing you can will the destruction into light again.”

While listening, I hear ambient, trap, and pop components all blending smoothly together. Lily stays away from the typical. She has her own musical vision, which shows in her songs. Check out Supernova below!