Introducing: Amy Lensson – Don’t Care

Amy Lensson is a young Israeli pop singer and songwriter. She has struggled with emotional issues over the past few years due to traumatic experiences. The only thing that got Amy back on her feet was music. It helped her get through the darkest times, and it made the happy moments look happier.

Amy’s latest single is Don’t Care. Strong beats and catchy melodies make it a iconic production. The chorus in particular excels with its dynamic nature. I think this soundscape can be classified as being timeless. A lot of significance is attached to the vocals.

Amy says the following about the track: ”Everyone is always posting everything they’re doing, and trying to make their lives seem perfect. Why can’t we just be honest and be real? Don’t Care is a call for everyone to stop caring so much about the facade we put up on social media, and just live your life.”

Don’t Care has the potential to be a big hit. It reflects modern music while adding an original spin. The lyrics are relatable and make it easy for everyone to sing along. Check out the audio below!