Introducing: Elle L – Higher

ELLE L’s debut single Hoping and introductory track Circles received a groundswell of tastemaker support and made her a rising star. While Higher draws influence from current pop music, it also strives to be distinctive. I like the dreamy pop melodies and the strong vocals, both of which contribute to the song’s core. The lyrics are written in a honest, heartfelt manner.

ELLE says: ”Higher explores the power of surrendering yourself to fearless love. I feel like we all need good energy more than ever, so I wanted to write a song that dares to be positive. It’s a natural progression from the themes of my debut single Hoping, which focused on the notion of opening up to new love. It takes a lot of bravery to be so Panglossian about the future and to let go of your vulnerabilities. Love has a glass-like fragility and at the same time the potential to be earth-shatteringly beautiful. For me, it’s always worth taking the risk to trust and love hard.”

I believe this release will be applauded as much as the previous ones. It’s catchy, euphoric, and insightful. Check out Higher below!