Introducing: Lost Blonde – Bulletproof

Lost Blonde has been singing since she could verbally communicate. Over the years, music became her safe place where she could dream, feel, and speak freely. Bulletproof takes you to a place where catchy melodies and rhythms catch your ear. Strong singing completes the production. I like the build-up of the verses and the fact that they culminate in such a striking chorus.

Blonde says this about the song: ”Bulletproof is about that one person in your life that is your rock, a shoulder to lean on. For me, that person is my sister. For all the hardships we’ve gone through, she has been my support system, best friend, and encourager. She’s been that person that helps pick me up, and pushes me to keep fighting for my dreams.”

While listening to Bulletproof, I believe that most people are thinking about someone close to them. It provides a relatable context. Check out the audio below!