Introducing: TUSHAR – Sadie, Why Don’t You Love Yourself

Sadie, Why Don’t You Love Yourself is the new single from rising Australian artist TUSHAR. With its dreamlike sound, listeners will become lost in another world. Stunning guitar playing and soothing drumming form the pillars of the production. A strong vocal performance can also be heard.

Regarding the track, TUSHAR says: ”I wrote Sadie, Why Don’t You Love Yourself about people closest to me that are suffering from self love. I wanted to get a happy and upbeat sound going to contrast the lyrics. My main intention is for people to dance around singing the lyrics; not sitting down feeling sad. Self love is so so important. I wanted my friends and family to know that I care, and I get it.”

This song should receive a lot of praise for its message. TUSHAR is really trying to uplift people, and that’s just amazing. Check out Sadie, Why Don’t You Love Yourself below!