Introducing: MOLTENO – Illuminate

MOLTENO unveils her new single, Illuminate, a hypnotic and evocative exploration of autonomy, persistence, and positivity. Various sounds swirl around you for a moment. Live cello, atmospheric synths, and a blend of electronic and live drums can all be heard very clearly. Signature vocals add even more charm to the mix by being layered perfectly over the production.

MOLTENO says the following about the track: “Illuminate is about harnessing the flames and seeking out autonomy and positivity. The song is for everyone who keeps getting back up again and again.” She adds: “Like a fire that quickly spreads, emotions are catching, we assimilate the zeitgeist. How can we protect ourselves and keep our autonomy?”

Most of us will find significant relevance in this song. It helps you put things in perspective and understand them better. Check out Illuminate below!