Introducing: Hanna Mel – Replaced

Photo Credit: Ruben Ångqvist

Hanna Mel is Hanna Melander’s solo project.  Her latest single, Replaced, reveals what pop music of tomorrow will sound like. Since it offers top-level electronic components and rich, cinematic textures, the soundscape has great depth. In this song, crystal-clear vocals weave their way around captivating melodies in a way that’s highly compelling.

Hanna comments on the track as follows: ”After ending things with a guy who treated me badly, I got to a point where I wasn’t even mad at him anymore. I was just mad at myself for still thinking about him, cause he really wasn’t worth it. All he did was lie and create awkward silences. I mean, the sex wasn’t even that memorable. But for some reason he was still stuck in my brain. This song captures the moment when I realised I wasn’t thinking of him anymore, since I had replaced him with someone new.”

Hannah has shown in this production that she’s a rising star. It’s likely that the Swedish singer-songwriter will make a major impact on the music industry soon. Check out Replaced below!