Introducing: Kimmy June – Homeward Bound

Kimmy June is a Dutch singer-songwriter whose country music will fascinate you with its uniqueness. Homeward Bound features pulsating midtempo drums and retro-flavored guitar chords. A graceful vocal emphasizes the song’s lyrical quality.

Kimmy writes in a personal and straightforward manner. Her explanations are specific, thorough, and comprehensive. This further enhances the value of Kimmy’s music, since it keeps listeners on their toes, wondering what she will say next.

The singer-songwriter explains: ”The song is about a childhood memory. In the years I lived in Austria, I often saw a woman sitting on her front porch. In my experience, she was waiting for her husband, who was at work for days. With Homeward Bound I want to let people realize that work is not the most important thing in life, and that it is completely ok to be at home a little more often and/or think about yourself for once in awhile.”

Kimmy’s message will hopefully encourage others to spend more time relaxing. Check out Homeward Bound below!