Introducing: Ida Eriksson – Like That / Balance Out

Swedish rising star Ida Eriksson presents her debut EP, Like You Like That. By providing a high amount of energy, the whole project is thrilling as well as entertaining. In particular, the opening track, Like That, shouldn’t be ignored. With captivating hooks, vibrant vocals, and polished soundscapes, you’ll be drawn into this production.

Ida hopes that her confident lyrics will empower her listeners. In Like That, she talks about not holding back your feelings and being honest about where you want a relationship to go.

Balance Out is the other song on the EP that has never previously been released. The arrangement features detailed textures and euphoric scandipop sounds. Aside from that, the tune also highlights Ida’s signature performance style.

Ida clearly establishes herself as one of the most promising pop acts of today. She’s setting a new standard for today’s music. Check out Like That and Balance Out below!