Introducing: Miranda Joan – Catch On Fire

Canadian neo-soul singer and songwriter Miranda Joan recently put out Catch On Fire. An intriguing arrangement of sounds that flow together gives this track its freshness. Vocals and harmonies add a strong emotionally moving component to the atmosphere.

Miranda’s debut album Windborne includes Catch on Fire. It serves as an exceptional opener. About the album, Miranda says: “Windborne means to be carried by the wind. In the process of making this record, I found myself carried to many corners of the world, to build and rebuild homes, through love and heartbreak, to circle back to the beginning and find myself anew. These songs are a collection of stories from my life over the past few years, recorded in LA and produced by Julian “J3P0″ Pollack who has been an invaluable partner in the creation of this album, the music is a reflection of a core desire to find, follow and live in love.” She adds: ”Catch On Fire hits me right in the heart and it’s not a single but I love to sing it. The words have continued to grow with me.”

Miranda has the ability to really reach people’s spirits. With her compelling songwriting, she never ceases to be an inspiration. Check out Catch on Fire below!