Introducing: Saz – If I Go

A new ethereal song from British singer-songwriter Saz has recently been released. It’s titled If I Go. Dreamy melodies weave around a creative beat in this striking arrangement. Signature vocals highlight the lyrical content by adding additional emotion.

When speaking about the track, Saz says: ”The song is about when you start to see cracks in a relationship and start to contemplate the thought of leaving, and the weight of the decision if you did. If I Go questions all the feelings we have when coming to the end of a relationship; hopeful to see a way through it but in honesty knowing the reality of it, and in the end following your gut.”

If you’re a fan of Sigrid or Lore, this song should be interesting to you. If I Go carries a genuineness to it that should be praised. Check out the audio below!