Introducing: Juliet July – Too Much

Juliet July’s song, Too Much, borrows from the dreamy touch of Men I Trust, while channeling the aura of The Internet. It serves as the first single from her forthcoming EP, Bedroom Blues. Glistening guitar arrangements that include groovy undertones are featured. Comforting vocals complement them. A cheerful chorus lights up the room.

July says: “I wanted this song to have a warm, easy listening and dreamy kinda vibe. So dream away and feel sexy while doing so!”

I believe this Dutch artist has already showcased her versatile with prior releases. This time around, she takes her music in a more pop direction. If you’re one of those who already can’t wait for next summer, Too Much is the song for you. The catchy sounds of this production will brighten even the dullest day. Check out the audio below!