Introducing: LĒA ĒLKA – APOLLO

LĒA ĒLKA, a French artist, is overseeing the universes she created with the help of her imagination. They’re are magical, intriguing, and mysterious. APOLLO will let you fall into the abyss. Spinning sounds surround the pulsing beat. Meanwhile, strong vocals lead you through the song’s story.

The music video is very striking. It represents Lea’s drive to create art of the highest quality. You can see how much time she’s invested in making this. Must be one of the most incredible visuals of the decade.

LĒA says: ”This project required one month of freediving lessons to achieve this performance at five meters deep. A daring clip without any special effects!”

With her previous release, HIGH, LĒA already showed us glimpses of her creative vision. But she doesn’t stop there, as she continues to reveal more about it. APOLLO is full of innovative ideas and thoughtful insights. For these reasons, it deserves a huge amount of praise. Check it out below!