Introducing: Violet Lewis – Don’t Say Goodbye

Independent singer/songwriter Violet Lewis lives in Los Angeles. Don’t Say Goodbye is the final single from her upcoming EP, Loose Lips. A lot of expression can be heard within its rock-influenced sound. I like the striking instrumentation, which echoes the lyrics’ tone. Together, they form a powerful whole. You shouldn’t forget Violet’s performance, though. With her unique voice, she not only follows the dynamics of the music, but adds additional impact as well.

Violet says this about the track: ”Don’t Say Goodbye is an anthem for anyone who has ever dealt with the struggle of being in a long distance relationship and will hook you from the first line ‘I made my therapist cry today.’ Simply, it’s a song for when you’re sad but you’re sick of crying about it (and just wanna rock out).”

My belief is that the production’s relatable content will bring in new listeners and grow Violet’s fan base. Don’t Say Goodbye displays her heartfelt writing and extraordinary musical abilities at their best. She’s one of the up-and-coming stars we’re hoping to hear more about in 2022.

Check out Don’t Say Goodbye below!