Introducing: Melory – easy girl

Melory is a contemporary R&B/Soul artist born in Italy, but has always embraced international music. Her sound tends to be influenced heavily by R&B artists like Mahalia, Jorja Smith, Rihanna and Frank Ocean. Debut single easy girl features a killer beat. Strong vocals hold meaning; they’re full of heart and expression.

easy girl‘s lyrics are noteworthy for their significance. The points Melory addresses should be emphasized frequently in the future. Those men who catcall women need to be stopped from doing so. Their actions are rude, irritating, and so on. It’s simply not appropriate to behave in such a manner.

Regarding the track, Melory says: ”I wrote this song while I was angry and the chorus came out like a lightning. It talks about how women feel like when being catcalled, because no matter how we act or what we wear, we always get sexualized by men. The song aims to give women the opportunity of raising up their voices and claim that we don’t need anyone’s approval, especially if not requested.”

Melory has the ability to change the world in positive ways. easy girl demonstrates that well. Check it out below!