Introducing: Bere – Face 2 Face

Houston-based singer-songwriter Bere shares her new single, Face 2 Face. I’d like to begin by discussing the instrumental backing, as I think it deserves a great deal of praise. For me, the sound is incredibly detailed. The intricate drum grooves and interesting guitar accents play a vital role in making this song feel so highly authentic. In addition, there’s some classical influence here, which, I must say, is fabulous.

A closer listen to Bere’s singing will reveal her rich timbre. It perfectly suits the musical atmosphere. By the end of the song, when it all gets even more moving, Bere still succeeds in bringing the lyrics to life in a new way.

Regarding the track, Bere says: ”I wrote this song after difficulty experienced in a relationship and realizing that this other person and I had more in common than I thought. From that, came a desire to meet with them face to face and just talk it out. It is also about the longing everyone has experienced during COVID to meet with loved ones face to face after a lot of time apart and the hope that we will all come out of this ok.”

Check out Face 2 Face below!