Introducing: Y-LIMIT – Nothing More

Roman, also known as Y-LIMIT, is a singer/songwriter who makes contemporary music with elements of EDM, hip-hop, and indie rock. His latest single Nothing More gives off an air of mysticism. It has an underlying force that can’t be explained. Y-LIMIT aimed to create something completely different from everything else out there, I believe. A great guitar melody sets the musical accompaniment. Both the lead and background vocals are quite prominent, allowing them to generate focus.

Regarding the track, Y-LIMIT says, It’s one of those songs that was written effortlessly, it wrote itself. Lyrics came from a place of abundant love and gratitude, a sense of now, while watching my wife and daughter. Understanding that less is more sometimes, hence the minimalist arrangement and title. It felt perfect the way it is.”

The release of Nothing More by Y-LIMIT left me curious about his other works. I appreciate his attention to detail and how he devotes a lot of time and effort into what he does.

Check out Nothing More below!