Introducing: Leifer – Vacancy

Leifer, a New York-based solo artist, really surprised me with his latest single Vacancy. The bright musical tones are probably meant to evoke the spirit of a rising sun. Intricate guitar riffs, catchy synths and steady rhythms give this song its solid pop foundation. Leifer has an exceptional voice, which enables him to interact particularly well with his fans.

Your heart will be warmed by the lyrics. When you can relate to them, they become even more engaging. Regarding the track, Leifer says: ”This song is about wanting to share the beautiful experiences in life with your partner. I wrote this song while living in an RV with 12 other artists for a week in Acadia, Maine. All that was missing was my partner and I wrote this song about how no matter how much i was enjoying myself there was a void left behind by her absence.”

We should give Leifer credit for bringing the sound of summer 2022 early. Let’s face it, Vacancy is the coolest song out right now. Check it out below!