Introducing: Carli Brill – Hey Little Girl

Carli Brill’s Hey Little Girl emphasizes the importance of embracing life in all its facets, regardless of ups and downs. The refreshingly personal lyrics are complemented by an uplifting instrumental that makes this song sound like the soundtrack of a busy day. No matter where you’re at in life right now, this optimistic pop track is guaranteed to make you smile. It’s the kind of song that will change your outlook on life, so we value it highly.

Carli comments the following: ”Hey Little Girl is the byproduct of one afternoon practicing the Number System. Curiosity and experimentation with seventh chords led to its unique development. It’s message rings true to the inner child within all of us!”

Hey Little Girl is a great example of how Carli takes on a certain style in her music and completely makes it her own. With each listen, you are struck by something entirely different, which makes the track so captivating.

Check out the audio below!