Introducing: Penner – Wish I Could Float Away

Wish I Could Float Away is a song you need in your life. It’s the perfect blend of indie pop and chamber pop, with a touch of alternative rock thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are moving and thought-provoking, and a production like this can only be celebrated. The song is sung over a slow and moving accompaniment, with orchestral strings adding to the emotional feel.

Penner says the following: ”I drew huge conceptual inspiration from Shakespeare’s character Ophelia and the famous painting of her body floating in water when writing Wish I Could Float Away. Ophelia has always been a mental magnet for me. I’ll be forever captivated by her beautiful emotional desolation and the poetic ending she pursued. And what I appreciate so much about creative works, be it literature, painting, or other art forms, is that we humans can observe our darkness without taking action on it. We can name our pain, look at it, and allow it to be, which then opens the door for something to shift. That’s what Wish I Could Float Away has done for me.”

The word choice in Wish I Could Float Away is absolutely impeccable, and the song’s overall vibe is intensely inspiring. You can play this in your car on a long drive or when you’re under the weather and need a little something “to lift your spirits”. It’ll be interesting to see where Penner’s career goes from here!