Introducing: Completions – Beam It Over

In terms of quality and originality, Beam It Over is simply incredible. The slick melodies, powerful vocals, and irresistible hooks can’t help but make you hum along. The song has a meaning that allows listeners to relate, while still being catchy enough for anyone to enjoy. It makes the song a great choice for anyone looking for something more humane.

Regarding the track, Shawn Alpay, Completions’¬†lead singer, says: ”I wrote this tune while I was digging into the distance I’ve felt from friends during… well, all of this (*waves hand at world*). Everyone’s had their shutdown moment(s) at some point or another recently, and inevitably, one wonders if one may have contributed to their friends’ struggles somehow, especially when they go completely dark. It’s hard even in normal times to share the full range of our experiences with friends, good or bad — and I think technology has only made this harder over the years — but I think that connection is a super important salve when we face tough moments.”

This song is extraordinary in the way that Shawn doesn’t hold back. If you were expecting a light and happy sounding track, this may surprise you to some extent. Check out Beam It Over below!