Introducing: Beth De Bacci – Passenger Seat

Beth De Bacci’s new ballad, Passenger Seat, deserves praise for a number of reasons. For one, the song is incredibly honest and vulnerable. Beth uses metaphors to express the feeling of heartbreak, deepening the song’s poetic nature. The song is also masterfully performed, with a stripped-down acoustic sound that really lets Beth’s vocals catch the attention. Passenger Seat is a prime example of how music can help us express ourselves and reflect on our emotions. It’s empowering to sing along, so don’t be afraid to do so.

Aside from heartbreak, this song also explores the feeling that even though the relationship has ended, you’re still feeling like you’re drifting through life with the invisible driver (your ex) still controlling your feelings and emotions.

Just when you thought you were familiar with Beth sound, she comes out with a new ballad that completely redefines her musical style. We can’t wait for more great songs like this one from Beth!