Introducing: Kaitlin Thatcher – Lonely Little Dream

Kaitlin Thatcher is truly an inspirational songwriter, who isn’t afraid to pour her soul out into her lyrics. This new ballad by Thatcher, Lonely Little Dream, explores her thoughts in a way that everyone can understand; with clever language and stellar melody choices that fit perfectly with the message of the song.

Thatcher has much promise as an up-and-coming talent, proving herself with this track that hits all the right notes. It’s the kind of song you could listen to endlessly because it resonates with your own life experiences in some way or another. By exploring the more ‘alternative’ side of music, Lonely Little Dream has something refreshing. The style is not only unique but it also comes with a certain charm that makes you feel connected to it even though you’re unfamiliar with Thatcher’s previous work. She perfectly captures the essence of what good music should have.