Introducing: Mara Measor – Don’t Tell My Child

Mara Measor’s folk song Don’t Tell My Child takes listeners into a space of peacefulness. As soon as I heard it, I was astonished. Measor’s vocals are surprisingly striking, plus the arrangement is made for them! There’s an atmospheric element to this song that makes you want to stay inside on these cool evenings.

Don’t Tell My Child is a song that just gets better every time you listen to it. With light instrumental accompaniment, the depth of Measor’s voice stands out in all its majesty – it’s clear she has put real thought into phrasing and delivery. The song brings back Measor’s past sound, but with an exciting twist that makes it feel both familiar and refreshing at the same time. While she has yet to reveal plans for future singles or albums, her fans are eagerly anticipating her next release.