Introducing: Yo Yo Sun – Come Back To Bed

The second you press play, Come Back To Bed will instantly catch your attention. It’s not long before Jamie Tan, the lead singer of Yo Yo Sun, takes over with her singing, switching between delicate and serene to powerful and dynamic. The honest nature of the song lets the sentiments of the song shine through, making it a profound experience.

Every element works together to create an atmosphere suited for a quiet day at home with someone special. Love is the only thing that stops time. So, why not cocoon yourself in your bed for a day to love and be loved? Everything we’ve ever seen is outside our door, every place we’ve been… it’ll keep existing, even if we aren’t here. You could write a whole book about it. There are times when life is really a mystery and the only thing we can do is try to make the most of it.

Yo Yo Sun’s Come Back To Bed is a solid illustration of why you should keep an eye on their music career. The song brings forth their many talents – from the way they can take a simple melody and turn it into something striking to the vocals that make each line distinctive. Fans of any genre will be able to appreciate this track because of its production value.