Introducing: LUTZIE – Waiting for Me

Waiting for Me, the latest single from LUTZIE, is a compelling new take on modern pop. The production really shines through with clever use of piano chords that add to the overall composition without distracting from the vocals or taking away from the lyrics. There’s something for everyone in this song; it’s catchy enough to get stuck in your head while also presenting an underlying message that may provoke thought.

LUTZIE’s Waiting for Me marks the first of six singles that will be released this year. These six singles reflect a defining moment of her life, when she was leaving her childhood home and things became clear about the people around her and what she wanted to become.

To wrap up, Waiting for Me is an indie song with a lot of heart. It marks a significant step towards greater success for LUTZIE as an artist, and we’re keen to see what lies ahead!