Introducing: MAIKA – Give It A Rest

You can tell that MAIKA has a passion for music, and his love of creating is evident in the quality of Give It A Rest. While the song has the familiar upbeat and summery feel of many pop songs, there’s something special and different about it. Perhaps it’s the unexpected chord progressions or the soulful tone. Whatever it is, the song feels contemporary.

MAIKA knows what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. Give It A Rest explores the difficulties we all encounter when trying to find peace in a world that never sleeps. We all have moments where we’re just drifting through our days to day lives not really sure of what’re are doing or why. It can be hard at times but everyone has those moments even the most successful people you know do too!

I like to end this post by pointing out that our purpose can be revealed in the most interesting ways. Don’t let today’s worries get in the way of tomorrow’s possibilities. By focusing on peaceful thoughts, you can embrace life fully. It will make things easier. I can assure you of that.