Introducing: AKA Block x Kate Stewart – Bedtime Poetry

With each new release, it’s more apparent that AKA Block is only getting better and better with his music. He has such a talent for writing and producing songs; there isn’t much he can’t do. Bedtime Poetry, made in collaboration with future superstar Kate Stewart, definitely doesn’t disappoint sonically¬† – I really like the soulful tone it has.

Bedtime Poetry serves as the perfect chill song because of its relaxing vibe and easygoing nature. AKA and Kate did a great job on this single and I think they were able to capture what R&B/Soul should sound like these days while also adding their own unique spin. Kate is a master at picking melodies, and AKA adds just the right kind of beat to the track.

In short, Bedtime Poetry is about those times when you were deeply in love and someone else ruined it. Reflecting on that, you also think about the present. It turns out that grass really is greener, as your new man has impact, romance, and all the other aspects your ex lacked, so it’s back to the sheets for another poetry recital.

Check out Bedtime Poetry below!