Introducing: I Want Poetry – Solace

I Want Poetry’s new single Solace is an easy-listening hit, suitable for any time you need a boost of optimism. Experimenting with a more atmospheric and electronic sound, the song is layered with synth rhythms, powerful drums and orchestral strings. Solace talks about choosing to live life despite difficult circumstances, and it’s a message that anyone can relate to. In a time when it feels like the world is falling apart, this song is a much-needed reminder of the beauty and power of life. I Want Poetry set out to find the comfort and encouragement that the world so desperately needs these days, and they nailed it with Solace.

Solace is a shining example of what makes this duo so special. It isn’t just fascinating, it has an actual meaning behind it that shows us what they are trying to accomplish. The incorporation of melodic changes increases the song’s momentum, and also helps accentuate certain lyrics, bringing together all aspects of the music, both instrumental and lyrical.