Introducing: Griff & Sigrid – Head on Fire

You’ve probably been there before. You meet someone and suddenly, everything is different. You can’t think of anyone else. Your head is on fire. This is the feeling that Griff and Sigrid capture in their new single Head on Fire. The song is about those overwhelming, all-consuming feelings we get when we finally meet the one we’ve been waiting for. The lyrics manage to be engaging without being too sentimental, and give enough context to make it seem like you really understand what Griff and Sigrid are saying. Head on Fire is ambitious in sound and takes some unforeseen turns from a technical standpoint, but it all pays off.

Griff and Sigrid are an unstoppable combo that have the world at their fingertips. This song nicely expands their repertoire of music. The first thing that hits you is a full on vocal line from Griff, but the second thing that hits you is a quick and sharp key change. The song then goes into a repeated section which allows Sigrid to show off her vocals, before returning to the beginning of the cycle as another build up begins. This time with both singers as one for added effect! We absolutely dig Head on Fire and it earns its place at number 1 in our favorite songs right now.