Introducing: River Iris – Consider Me Confused

River Iris doesn’t hold anything back on Consider Me Confused. This song is a powerful anti-love anthem that’s both symbolic and empowering. The lyrics describe the story of a manic lover who’s enamored by her muse. They represent the broken promises and illusions given to those of us who walk to the ends of the Earth for the ones we love.

In this particular case, the production is absolutely fantastic. The guitars are front and center, and the melodies are catchy enough to linger in your memory long after you’ve heard the song. Pop rock has never sounded so good. From the first notes that ring out on the guitar, the listener is hit with a powerful punch of emotion. Iris has the kind of voice that could melt an ice cap in under a minute flat, and her writing is among the most compelling you’ll ever come across. It’s inspiring to see an artist with so much talent in the industry.