Introducing: Mr Little Jeans – Lazy Love

Lazy Love talks about being emotionally unavailable to your partner. The lyrics describe how destructive this can be for both parties involved. This song, while sounding quite poppy, makes a strong point about the negative sides of not communicating with each other.

The video for Lazy Love is dark, gritty and intense. It follows the story of a heroine who is pushed to her limits, both physically and emotionally. The visual looks authentic, it’s easy to see Tracy Antonopoulos’ passion for her work as a director.  In addition to the cinematography, the types of shots have also been wisely chosen. The heroine’s broken spirit is depicted in such an impactful way, along with the effects it has on her.

The importance of being comfortable in a relationship is evident in this song. When that part is missing, it often implies there are going to be difficulties between you and your partner. There’s a sense of overwhelming melancholy to Lazy Love that really makes this an irreplaceable song; at the same time, though, there’s something ethereal about it too.