Introducing: Angel Rider – Winter

It’s the moment when you suddenly realise the days are mostly dark, the flowing creativity of the other seasons is gone and the winter sadness hits. That’s what winter is about according to Angel Rider, the artist behind this single. It’s a reflective and introspective song that captures the feeling of the season to the fullest. The lyrics are full of imagery and will definitely be understood by anyone who has experienced winter blues.

Compared to other songs, what makes this one unique musically? Well, the structure of the track is a little more complicated than what you might expect. It uses chord changes and modulations in order to avoid becoming repetitive. winter will have you moving on your living room floor while maintaining a sense of ethereality.

Angel’s winter is a refreshing break from the music we’ve been hearing lately. It merges her signature hyperpop sound with elements of electro-pop that give it a crisp, clear feel that will fill your head like an ice cold glass of water during a sunny summer day.