Introducing: May – Follow

The first time we heard May’s new single, Follow, we couldn’t get enough. It underlines the pressure to fit in, to do what everyone else is doing. Additionally, it discusses the pressure to get a job and conform to the norm. It also refers to the pressure to give up our dreams and passions and just do what society tells us to do.

Despite the song talking about how we don’t live the lives we desire, it also reiterates that you can be yourself and do what makes you happy. Being different is okay. Following our own path is okay, even if it doesn’t correspond to the mainstream path. Follow reminds us to be authentic, and that’s the reason it resonates with us so much.

May brings you into her world with expressive lyrics that pull you into her inner thoughts and then leave you on your own to think logically about how we all follow our peers instead of taking the initiative. Her vocal tone is ideal for this sort of song; it’s heartfelt and engaging, but at no point does it become overly melodramatic.