Introducing: Henriette – Dear Shadow

It’s not always easy to come from a place of darkness and write about the light. It’s even harder to put that light into a song and make people feel it. But that’s what Henriette has done with her new pop single Dear Shadow. The lyrics refer to the shadows of the past that follow you into the present day.

Every now and then, most of us think about what we’ve experienced so far in life. This can occasionally lead to a sense of melancholy. Henriette captures this sentiment wonderfully in Dear Shadow. She saw her first shadow at the age of 10 when her parents divorced. She fought them, ignored them, swallowed them, and chased them over the years. It wasn’t until she was in her mid-twenties that she realized that the only way to control them was to embrace them. Accepting that her emotions are here gave her the power to direct them.

Despite the fact that Dear Shadow‘s arrangement has cinematic overtones, it’s also somewhat traditional. You could not ask for anything better. Henriette labels this type of music as Cindie-Folk, and we have to say that we totally dig it.