Introducing: Angel Rider – i don’t care anymore

i don’t care anymore is a sad but explosive release of frustration after putting all of your energy into someone and realizing it’s time to let go. It accurately depicts the feeling of being fed up and done with someone who’s no longer worth your time and energy. The song is a great way to put the past behind you and move on to better things.

A crucial part of what Angel does here is to strike a good harmony between the various sounds. This gives her the opportunity to show off more of her singing abilities than usual. With this approach, the lyrics are placed in a more prominent spot, while the production doesn’t remain unnoticed.

I’d like to conclude by saying that Angel is a trendsetter within the music industry. Because of that, I expect her to achieve substantial success shortly. You don’t see many musicians who have such confidence in what they’re doing. The genuineness of Angel’s music comes from the fact that she lets her inner artistic self take over.