Introducing: Remi Goode – Fairytale Embrace

When it comes to the real and the imaginary, Remi Goode’s new single Fairytale Embrace outlines the differences between the two. It’s inspired by a sculpture by the French artist, Rodin, called Eternal Springtime. The lyrics express the tension between two people who view the sculpture. Both have a contrasting perspective on it.

While the underlying theme of the song may seem abstract, Remi’s metaphors can be applied to everyday life. Fairytale Embrace highlights how someone can see themselves as one character in a fairytale, while the person next to them may see them as someone else. The song actually asks the question, “Do we believe our perception of ourselves is true?”

Remi’s folk sound in Fairytale Embrace is soft, nostalgic, and even surprising at times with the way it twists itself into something so unique. I cannot think of any better option to get through the winter than by listening to this tune.