Introducing: Kris Jana – Gravity

Kris Jana’s debut single Gravity is special to her because it’s inspired by her personal journey with anxiety. When she was going through a tough time, she took the time to reflect and understand her triggers. This led to her healing process, and the birth of Gravity, where she captures that feeling of being pulled down.

While dealing with anxiety is never easy, you may find comfort in knowing you aren’t the only one. We’re so proud of Jana for releasing this song and for spreading awareness about anxiety and its effects. Her efforts have made this subject more visible. She hopes that this song can help others who are also battling their own battles.

Gravity is written in a pop style, and Jena’s love for sounds is evident in the lush synth pads and beats. The song starts with a brief introduction that quickly picks up momentum and leads right into the first verse. From there, the melodic undertones become increasingly prominent.