Introducing: Jai Merakai – Attitude

There are people in this world who seem to match your energy and give back the attitude you put out. These people are positive, upbeat and refreshing to be around. They can make your day just by walking into the room. It’s always a good feeling to be around people like this- it’s like you’re taking in their positive energy and getting a second wind.

Jai’s debut single Attitude is about the kind of person who never fails to give you the push you need. The beat on this track sounds so solid and lays just the right canvas for the singer’s soulful voice to take the lead. Her lyrics, therefore, are highly visible.

We appreciate the tone and message of this song. We think it’s so important to be around people who make you feel good and support your dreams. This also applies to you as an individual. When you put out good vibes, you’ll get back good vibes in return. So raise your attitude up high and let the world know that you’re not backing down.