Introducing: Tove Styrke – Show Me Love

Love is often treated like fast food in our culture. We devour it without taking the time to really appreciate it, and soon we’re looking for our next spark. But when we truly fall in love with someone, it’s always the same big, amazing, dangerous thing. We open ourselves up completely and risk getting hurt, all in the hopes of finding true happiness. For a while, we’re caught up in the moment, and nothing else matters. We’re not worried about the future or the past—we’re just living in the present. This is what it means to truly fall in love.

The lyrics of Tove Styrke’s new single, Show Me Love, are about as personal as it gets. According to the Swedish songstress, the song describes someone she was madly in love with. Tove became emotional while writing it. For her, being able to voice her thoughts without hesitation is rare.

By recording Show Me Love, Tove seems to be hitting a new stride: one where she’s expressing herself loudly. It’s not what we expected from the performer, but it’s also exactly the kind of evolution we want to see from artists who are willing to challenge themselves. This time around, Tove does just that.