Introducing: Daisy Draper – Hide & Seek

Your self-worth should never be based on the opinions of others. It should come from within, from a sense of knowing your own intrinsic value. When you know your worth, it doesn’t matter what others say or do. You can stand tall and proud in your own skin, knowing that you are worthy of love and respect. Only you can give yourself that validation. So, where do you find your self-worth? It’s different for everyone. Some find it in their achievements and others find it in their connection to a higher power. The important thing is that you find it and that you hold onto it.

When Daisy Draper wrote Hide & Seek, she never planned on releasing it. The song is about reclaiming self-worth and autonomy, and choosing the path to healing. After learning to heal herself, see herself, and unconditionally LOVE herself, Draper decided to share Hide & Seek with the world. It has ethereal and angelic elements, violins, and other string instruments. It’s a dance pop synth tune that’s far removed from what the genre usually entails.

Each one of us has felt all alone at some point in our lives – but we also know that whatever it is we’re going through, we can overcome it by being kind to ourselves. Embrace your strength and begin your journey today.