Introducing: Lack The Low – Rushlight

Rushlight is a song about conformity and its toxic effects, and how it can lead to artists being pushed away from their passions. Lack The Low’s lyrics are influenced by her own experiences with the music industry and music education. She observed how industry-wide ideas about “the right way to do things” and what makes ‘valuable’ work and ‘valuable’ artists, had become poisonous, and made people feel unwelcome and unworthy. This song calls upon everyone to fight against these norms and hold onto their convictions.

It’s time for a change. We need to come together and create a more inclusive definition of value, one that celebrates all forms of creativity and expression. Nobody should feel forced to follow the rules set by others.

Even though the song discusses the industry’s current state critically, it also points out that we still have the opportunity to make a difference. Lack The Low did a great job of expressing her perspective. We appreciate artists who don’t mince words. It tells us that they’re real. Rushlight deserves praise not just for its strong lyrics, but also for its production. The song is a journey through an electronic universe full of glitches, beats and melodies.